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Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Saint Anything
by Sarah Dessen

Hardcover, 417 pages
Published on May 5, 2015 by Viking Books for Young Readers (First edition)
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Romance
Awards: Kids' Indie Next List Pick for Teens, Summer

MLA: Dessen, Sarah. Saint Anything. New York: Viking, 2015. Print. ISBN-13: 978-0451474704. Hardcover, $19.99.

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When her charismatic older brother Peyton’s delinquent behavior finally catches up to him, Sydney’s family is forced to deal with the fallout of his prison sentence and the consequences of the life he almost took in a drunk driving accident. Just when it feels like her parents will never truly see her from under the shadow of Peyton’s mistakes, Sydney meets the Chatham family, including quirky Layla and kind, handsome Mac, and they give her the acceptance she needs to carve out a life of her own.

Sydney Stanford feels like she’s always lived in her brother Peyton’s shadow. He’s brave and charming, and even when he made some serious mistakes, everything always seemed to go his way. Until one terrible night when it didn’t.

Sydney’s parents also live in Peyton shadow now – her mother doesn’t want to acknowledge that her son is in prison, so she treats him like a victim, and her father seems to go along with it to make life easier. Sydney, however, is not okay with letting go of the misery her brother caused, especially for the young teenager left paralyzed because Peyton got behind the wheel while he was drunk.

When she transfers from her fancy private academy to the local public high school to regain some normalcy, she meets the Chatham family, owners of Seaside Pizza. Quirky Layla Chatham quickly becomes her best friend, and Layla’s gentle, handsome brother Mac catches her eye even though Layla made it clear he’s off limits. But love has a way of finding us when we need it most, and the each of the Chathams help Sydney find her voice in Sarah Dessen’s newest novel, Saint Anything.

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Teen Talk

“I like realistic teen fiction because of the relatable characters, plus it’s easy to read, and never boring.” -Molly H., 18

These three qualities are what makes Sarah Dessen so enduringly popular among readers! 

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